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Track By Track

Sea Fever - Folding Lines (with Sea Fever) E

25 October

If you're a regular listener of Track By Track you'll know we're HUGE Sea Fever fans, so much so in fact that their debut single, Crossed Wires, appeared on our Top 40 of 2020 before it was properly released as a single.

So we were thrilled to be joined by 3/5's of the band - Beth Cassidy (Section 25), Iwan Gronow (Johnny Marr) and Tom Chapman (New Order, Shadow Party) - to go through their debut album, Folding Lines, track by track. (The band is also made up of New Order's Phil Cunningham, and ShadowParty drummer Elliot Barlow.)

As always, patrons on the Bonus Disc Version of our Patreon get early access to our new release episodes, and many more benefits. So enjoy, get stuck into the album, and let us know your thoughts on the tracks and the episode @trackbytrackuk on the socials.